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    This forum serves the purpose of discussing anything that is related to the Waveglider Management System (WGMS) . Our main focus of discussion lies on how to access the API and how to control a Wave Glider without having to use the visual user interface (and the corresponding Iridium link). Examples would be discussions regarding the user manual, using the mobile device version of the WGMS Interface (scrolling and display size), and adjusting the telemetry report rate of the weather station.

    In addition, we are interested in general rules-of-thumb for piloting a Wave Glider using the WGMS Interface and in finding out how to integrate external AIS sources, such as those from

    The other focus of this forum lies on the extensibility of the WGMS with functions related to user-added hardware, such as sensor data retrieval and display of core operational data, an how to ensure consistency of data collection independent from the transmission rate over the WGMS Interface.

    This Topic of Interest’s maintainer is Andreas J. Häusler. You may reach him at MARUM by phone (+49-421-218-65766) or via e-mail.

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